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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Newborn Photographer

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Newborn Photographer

For many parents, the newborn phase flies by. Sleepless nights can bleed together into days spent focused on the new addition to your family. One of the most important things you can do when your new arrival makes their appearance, however, is documenting those precious baby days. 

You’ll want to be able to look back on these days with a smile later—and a professional newborn photographer can help produce the kinds of images that you and your family will enjoy for a lifetime. The newborn phase often passes before parents are aware of it. Making an appointment for a newborn photo session ahead of time can help ensure that you don’t miss out on those precious baby days.

1. A professional newborn photographer can capture timeless, professional images that will last.

Joanna Andres Newborn and Baby Photographer in Columbus, Ohio

Those gorgeous images won’t just last for your lifetime, or even your baby’s. In many cases, they’ll get passed on from generation to generation.

Times fly fast when you have a newborn! I photograph newborns when they are between seven and fourteen days old (give or take a few days). Those days will be gone before you know it. In the blink of an eye, your baby will no longer be a newborn—and the images you can capture during those days are priceless. You and your family will never regret the decision to capture those amazing newborn pictures of your baby

In years to come, you’ll want these pictures to hang on your walls, reminding you of those cherished days when your baby was very small. These incredible, professional images are timeless. They won’t get shoved in a drawer or left on your camera or phone, where they can be deleted or forgotten. Instead, they’ll be right out there where you can see them, a constant memory of these precious days.

These newborn photos aren’t just another picture. They’re cherished memories of those days when your little one was firstborn. You can learn more about our newborn photography sessions here, or if you’d rather feel free to contact us for more information.

2. You’ll get the right lighting, angles, outfits, and props to create the photos of your dreams.

Let’s face it: these days, everyone has a smartphone that can take decent photos. When it comes to newborn photography, however, you want a professional. They have everything you need to take those photos from lovely to incredible:

The right lighting equipment for flawless images. You won’t end up with shadows in just the wrong place or that slightly yellow tinge that occasionally comes from fluorescent lights. Instead, you’ll get flawless images that beautifully capture that perfect newborn skin tone and displays your baby’s coloring to full advantage. 

Gorgeous props. Many professional newborn photographers have invested thousands in incredible props that will help take those images to the next level. They’ve got amazing handmade outfits that were created just for photographing babies, headbands, lovies, flokati rugs, and plenty of other prop options that will allow you to create the images you’re dreaming of. Those fantastic pictures that you see on Facebook don’t just happen!

Working with a professional newborn photographer will allow you to have those stunning props and accessories in your photos—without investing a fortune on props that you’ll use for only a few minutes. In my Columbus, Ohio Photography studio, this includes:

The right apps and tools. Not only will a professional newborn photographer deliver the right tools during the photo session, you’ll get a full-service experience when the time comes to order your pictures, too. Many of my clients admit that they have no idea how to choose the right type of canvas or even the right size for hanging on their walls.

Here’s the cool thing: I have an app for that! I can take a picture of your wall, then use it to show you what different sizes of portraits look like in that space. I’ll help you design a gallery wall or choose the perfect portrait to hang over your mantle, including the colors incorporated in the picture and the finish on the final product.

I’ll even help you choose the ideal frame or help you decide what size picture will look best in that space. I don’t just want to create newborn portraits that you’ll fall in love with. I want to help you create a work of art on your walls that you’ll love for years to come. 

Professional newborn photographers also have the experience to get those perfect poses and shots. You don’t want Pinterest fail images—though those certainly add some humor to the experience. You want those stunning pictures that will hang on your walls for a lifetime. Many of the images that you see on social media are compilation images or require significant editing to make them perfect. Others rely on props specifically designed for newborns.

Working with a professional newborn photographer will ensure that you get those beautiful images. Interested in finding out more about booking a newborn photography session? Find more details and check availability here.

3. A professional newborn photographer with a skilled assistant will keep baby 100% safe during your photography session. 

Joanna Andres Newborn and Baby Photographer in Columbus, Ohio

A professional newborn photographer with an assistant is essential to keeping your baby safe and comfortable throughout the session. Many people assume that they can handle those poses on their own. They look simple enough in theory, especially when you consider a newborn’s soft body structure and flexibility. 

In reality, those poses are a lot more complicated.

Not only that, you want to be sure that baby is safe as you take your pictures. For many newborn portraits, Mom, Dad, or an assistant will hold baby from underneath a backdrop or blanket to ensure that baby is safe and comfortable. For others, you want to be sure that your props are chosen to keep baby completely safe and comfy as you shoot your pictures.

Professional photographers know exactly how to keep your baby safe while taking those stunning pictures. They have often received extensive training on how to keep your baby safe—not to mention training and experience in soothing and posing baby to get the most adorable portraits possible. If you’ve ever been sure that you’ve set up the perfect portrait, only to have it ruined when your baby started fussing, you’ll appreciate the photographer’s immense experience when it comes to soothing baby and getting them set up quickly and efficiently.

Photographers also excel at thinking on their feet and have the experience necessary to shift directions in the blink of an eye if needed. Sometimes, the baby may get upset in the middle of your session. It might be time to eat, or the baby might be uncomfortable or unhappy.

An experienced newborn photographer will be able to shift direction to take the incredible pictures you’re looking for even if the baby is less cooperative than you’d hoped. Newborn photographers also develop a repertoire of tricks that will help settle a fussy baby or note signs that a baby is uncomfortable before the baby has a chance to get worked up. To get a first-hand look into how our sessions go, click here to read and hear testimonials from our clients!

4. When you work with a professional newborn photographer, you’ll get a stress-free experience. 

Let’s face it: having a newborn is an incredibly stressful time in many parents’ lives. You’re probably short on sleep. If this is your first baby, then all of this is new to you—and you may be struggling to adapt and keep up with everything. Adding pictures onto your immense list of things to do may leave you feeling out of sorts—especially if things don’t go according to plan during your session.

When you come to my studio, on the other hand, I’ll handle everything from the moment you walk in the door. My goal is to make your newborn photoshoot as peaceful and stress-free as possible. I have a nice, comfortable seating area where I encourage my clients to come and relax during the photoshoot. Clients can sit back, relax, watch Netflix, and enjoy some stress-free time while my assistant and I take care of the entire photoshoot. You can even take a nap if you like! I’ll wake you up if needed or when the session is over.

I want your baby’s newborn photoshoot to be a great experience for both you and them. I keep my studio set at an optimal temperature so that baby is comfortable throughout the photoshoot, and I make sure that all the details of the session are taken care of. I also work to communicate clearly with my clients ahead of time so that I can get a solid idea of exactly what they want their newborn pictures to look like and what they’re hoping to get from the session, so it’s not necessary for me to keep interrupting that relaxing time during the session itself.

As a new parent, you deserve a chance to relax—and I deliver that for my clients, taking care of their baby’s needs and giving them a break throughout the session. For me, it’s not just about the final product. It’s about the experience I can offer my clients during and after the session. Ready to book your session? Click here to contact me directly! 

5. It’s so important to get a family portrait during this time.

You can take a lot of pictures yourself, thanks to the convenience of your smartphone camera, but it’s incredibly difficult to get a family portrait with everyone in it when you’re behind the camera! Your baby will really cherish this image of all of you together.

Not only will your little one someday want to see what Mom and Dad looked like when they were born, they’ll love looking back at those images of how loved they were when they were very small. There’s nothing quite like the newborn stage when it comes to enhancing your family bonds—and my goal is to provide you with the incredible images that will help you capture those incredible feelings for a lifetime. 

So many of my clients are reluctant to have those family pictures taken immediately after baby is born. They insist that they’re “not ready” or feel as though they aren’t looking their best. You may feel short on sleep or worry that you’re still carrying a little extra baby weight. 

Don’t worry! As a professional photographer, I know the right angles and lighting to flatter all of my clients. These pictures won’t focus on your flaws. Rather, they’ll highlight the beautiful glow that comes along with this incredible time in your life. I’ll focus on taking photos from angles that will help set off your natural beauty and highlight the connection of your little family—pictures that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

When you look back on these photos later, you won’t be thinking of the dark circles under your eyes or any extra weight left over from baby. Instead, you’ll be reminiscing on the best parts of the newborn phase and what they meant to your family—and these images will help capture that feeling forever. 

Hiring a newborn photographer is one of the best decisions you’ll make for your little one. Stunning, professional images not only help capture your newborn forever, they’ll offer a high-quality experience that you will cherish forever!

Contact me today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about my newborn photo sessions, or check out my photo gallery to get an idea of what types of photos we could produce for your baby!