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5 Reasons You Won’t Want To Skip A 6-Month Baby Milestone Session

Baby + Milestone Photography

5 Reasons You Won't Want To Skip 6-Month Baby Milestone Photos

Have you always been interested in learning more about milestone sessions? Maybe you are already cherishing the images from your newborn session, but are ready to update them? It might be the perfect time for a 6-month milestone session.

Or are you feeling guilty because you haven’t found the time to set-up a photo session since your baby was born? That’s perfectly okay and trust me, you are not alone!

Parenthood is a hectic adventure and time passes before our eyes. Use this time as an opportunity to capture their new stage in life for the following reasons:

1. Their personalities are starting to shine!

Top Reasons Why A 6-Month Milestone Session Is A Must

Babies are usually pretty happy around 6-9 months old and are full of personality! Use this time to capture how they express themselves since this time is basically an in-between stage between baby and toddler! This is definitely one of my favorite ages to photograph babies because the milestone session images always come out so lovely! You can learn more about having a milestone session with Joanna Andres Photography here.

2. They are starting to sit up on their own.

When your little one hits the 6-month mark they immediately become independent, mischievous, and very curious. They’re ready to explore and their urge to move around comes faster than we expect. Now that they’re able to sit up, use this as an opportunity to capture amazing shots of their growth and curiosity! Milestone sessions capture all of the cuteness! Would you like to see what a full session looks like? Click here to see our past milestone sessions.

3. Get a fully styled photo session with props and professional images for them to look back on when they’re older.

During your session, we will have a plethora of props and outfits to make your images even cuter! This is definitely something to take advantage of since you will likely want to share your milestone images with your friends and family.

However, feel free to bring toys with you to the session to keep them playful and happy. You can view some of the best toys for 6-month olds here.

We’ve got your back! We will capture the best shots of your little one with our stock of props and outfits. We have headbands, clips, rompers, diaper covers, and more. You can view our full milestone gallery here.

4. They are only this little for a short amount of time.

During this special time, your baby’s growth is happening at a fast rate! Before you know it they will be turning 1 and passed the sitter stage. A 6-month milestone session can preserve and capture those round cheeks and their healthy and adorable newborn rolls! Book your milestone session and capture all of the cuteness before it’s too late!

5. It’s a fun session.

Milestone sessions capture so much because your baby is full of new expressions. This is the perfect time to get adorable portraits that showcase their angelic eyes and sweet smile. They can sit up in cute props. They usually smile pretty easily. Plus, we have the most adorable outfits, headbands, hats, and props to use at this age, too!

Not only are you capturing a special moment but you’re engaging them in a fun activity! We will be sure to keep them entertained and happy while you sit back and relax. In all, a 6-month milestone session is truly a lot of fun and an opportunity to see your little one in a new light while taking a break from the day-to-day tasks!

Let us create a photographic legacy for your baby that will last forever and others will enjoy! From the beginning to the end, we will make this experience stress free while providing you with the most gorgeous images of your baby in our beautiful studio.

If you would like to schedule a milestone session you can contact me today to schedule an appointment or you can learn more about milestone photo sessions with Joanna Andres Photography here. View my photo gallery here to get an idea of what types of photos we could produce for you and your baby!