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2020 Expertise Award: Best Newborn and Maternity Photographer in Columbus Ohio

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2020 Expertise Award: Best Newborn and Maternity Photographer in Columbus Ohio

I am so honored to have recently received two 2020 Expertise awards:  Best Newborn Photographer Award in Columbus, Ohio and Best Maternity Photographer Award by Expertise.

Expertise scored 279 Newborn Photographers and selected the top 21 based on the following factors: 1. reputation, 2. creditably, 3. experience, 4. availability and 5. professionalism.

They also scored 175 Maternity Photographers and selected the Top 15! It’s such an honor to be selected for these awards!

Newborn Baby Photo Shoot With White Flower Headband


I remember sitting in my OBGYN office one day when I first started newborn photography. I always admired all the portraits and canvases on the wall that a photographer had displayed all of newborn babies in cute little poses.

I remember loving the froggy pose and thinking will I ever learn how to do that pose!? I made myself a goal to have MY work hanging on the walls of an OBGYN office someday.

About two years later, that vision came to life as my work is displayed on all the walls of Women’s Physicians in OBGYN at their Riverside office and Dublin office. It was such an honor to have my work displayed with my logo. I even would get calls from patients that weren’t pregnant that just would tell me that they loved my work and that they loved going in the office to look at my photos.

Another goal that I had when I first started photography was getting selected as one of The Best Newborn Photographers in Columbus. I remember seeing other colleagues getting that award. I work so hard to try to provide all my clients an amazing experience from the first time I speak to them to the time that I deliver their products. I want all my customers to feel relaxed and not stressed when they come to my studio. We lower the lights, put on moving art and relaxing music, provide water, take care of the baby from feedings to changing diapers and soothing the baby.

So many of my clients are so exhausted from having a baby when they come to my studio they tell me this is the first time they actually got to actually relax. It’s so important to be personal, yet professional. I like to learn about my clients, how they met, where they’re from, etc.

I always try to provide my clients all their images quickly and get their portrait orders in so they can get display them ASAP. After providing so many customers with such a good experience I started to get lots of great reviews.

Four years ago, I received my first Expertise award and was I so honored and it was such a big accomplishment. I also received the Best Maternity Photographer Award and again it’s an absolute honor. I still have many goals I’d like to achieve but it’s always nice to reflect back at some of these past goals. I could have never gotten these awards with the support of my clients and all of their wonderful reviews! I have had many jobs in my days but this has been THE BEST job I have ever had. I adore these babies and love working with my clients and capturing these timeless moments that will be treasured for a lifetime and bring people joy!

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