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10 Tips to Capture Memorable Photos of Your Kids

Children's Photography

A child is the most precious asset of a parent. Kids grow up fast, but memories in the form of photographs remain to recall the beautiful journey.

Parents hope to preserve every major milestone of their infant. This includes the little things like the baby’s first word, their first step, or even the first time they open their eyes to a new world. While most parents are pretty hyped and excited for their toddler’s first photo shoot, they don’t foresee the challenges. Some children are naturals or born camera ready, but others do not cooperate that easily. Getting the child to stay put, hold a pose, look towards the camera, or a smile can be a nerve-wracking experience.

Here’s how you can make the photo session laid-back and memorable for everyone:

1. Relax

If you want the shoot to go smoothly, exercise some patience, and relax. Your panic or stress may reflect on the child’s mood. Try not to make them over-conscious of the plan, as most kids get anxious after realizing that they are the center of attention.

2. Treasure the Candid Moments

Getting the child to make eye contact with the camera lens should not be a priority. Focus on the candid moments, such as the child beaming at a parent or bonding with a sibling. The less staged the photos look, the better. Portraits where the child’s eyes stare right back at you are powerful, but don’t force them. Just remain ready with the camera and wait for that stance to come naturally.

3. Talk to the Child

If you want the child to pay attention to you, talking to them can help a lot. Engage them in a casual conversation to keep them close and capture a range of expressions. You can even say words or recite a poem that your toddler recognizes and responds to.

4. The Peekaboo Trick

Children of all ages love the good old peekaboo; it creates one of the most genuine smiles and playful giggles. You can ask your partner to hide behind you and peek at your child while you capture their reaction. You can also ask the kid to hide behind a wall, tree, pillar, or furniture and humor you.

5. Have a Little Fun

Make silly faces, get down on all fours, and embody the child’s frame of mind to make the experience fun, and fruitful. Rather than expecting your child to take directions, let them take control. Do things their way and see the difference when the photos come out.

6. Bring in a Pet

Kids are adorable and pets are delightful; when you put them both together, you get an overload of cuteness. The friendship between your furry and human child is priceless, so make sure you preserve the memories forever.

7. Use Props

Including your kid’s favorite toys or their lovey can help enable some classic shots, as well as preserve important fragments of their childhood. Be creative and make the photos as colorful as you.

8. Shoot with Food

Keep your camera ready when your toddler is about to taste something new or when your child is devouring their favorite snack. Surprised faces and a culinary mess translate nicely on film; those bizarre pics will give you something to laugh about in the future.

9. Make Use of Natural Light

Photography executed in natural light is unmatched, so do take your kid for a fun-filled outdoor photo-shoot. A well-kempt backyard or the community park can provide gorgeous backgrounds. Snap multiple cheerful moments while the kids are engrossed in play.

10. Keep it Short

Ask all the pediatricians, family lawyers, and child specialists you want – kids do not like to be confined in one place for long. If your kid starts to get cranky, wrap up the shoot immediately. There will be lots of other occasions to make everlasting memories.Ready to capture Memorable Photos of your child?  Contact Joanna Andres Photography   and we can chat about what you’re envisioning for your session!

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