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Welcome to the world, Benjamin! This bouncing baby boy brought immense happiness to his Upper Arlington family, and I was absolutely honored to be chosen as their Upper Arlington newborn and family photographer to capture this special time.

Upper Arlington’s Newest Addition: Capturing the Coale Family’s Joy!


A Dream Team Effort: Capturing Precious Moments for Upper Arlington Families

At my cozy studio in Upper Arlington, I specialize in creating beautiful memories for families, especially during those precious newborn stages. The Coale family, with Benjamin being their fourth child, knew the importance of finding a photographer who could not only capture stunning newborn portraits but also navigate the dynamics of a larger family.

Big Brother & Sisters Shine: A Seamless Session for Upper Arlington Family

My trusty assistant, Sandy, and I were thrilled with how smoothly the session went. Benjamin, a big and healthy boy, thrived in his swaddles, and even when awake during some poses, his adorable features stole the show! After capturing Benjamin’s solo moments, it was time to welcome the rest of the Coale crew.

Family Goals Achieved: Sibling Love & The Perfect Fireplace Portrait

Dad expertly handled pick-up duty, bringing the older siblings to the studio after school for their family and sibling portraits. These portraits were particularly important to the Coales, as they envisioned a beautiful family photo displayed above their fireplace – a lasting reminder of their growing family.

Smiles All Around: Capturing Genuine Connections

The Coale children were a photographer’s dream! They followed directions beautifully, offering big smiles and genuine eye contact. Witnessing their love and connection with their new baby brother was truly heartwarming.

A Review That Warms the Heart: Your Upper Arlington Family Session Awaits!

The Coale family’s glowing review (“Joanna is extremely professional, creative… resulted in fantastic photos…”) fills me with immense joy. Knowing they cherish their photographs motivates me to create similar magic for all my Upper Arlington families.

Are you ready to capture your own family’s story? Whether it’s welcoming a newborn or celebrating a new chapter, my Upper Arlington studio offers a warm and welcoming environment to document these precious moments. Contact me today to book your session and let’s create lasting memories that you’ll treasure forever!