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Top 5 Gifts to Buy Your Pregnant Wife

Maternity Photography

Woman wearing a big green tulle gown with belly exposed holding her pregnant belly


Congratulations! You are expecting a baby. In a time of such great excitement, why not add to it with a beautiful gift for your pregnant wife?

Here is a List of 5 things to get your pregnant Wife:

Woman wearing a red gown holding her pregnant belly

#1 – Pregnancy Pillow

Comfort will be key during the next months for your wife. Providing them with something to use when they need extra support is a thoughtful idea, and a U-shaped pregnancy pillow fits the bill. They give much more support to the back, knees and neck, making it a great choice. Here’s hoping that your wife will wake up with fewer aches and pains!

#2 – ‘Letters to my Baby’ Journal

Perfect to add some more sentimentality to the occasion, these journals allow an expectant mother to write down their deepest feelings towards their unborn child. Not only can this journal serve as a memory of an exciting time in life, it makes a great keepsake for years to come. The whole family can re-read the journal years down the line, reminding the child of how loved they were before they even entered the world.

#3 – Maternity Photography Session 

A classic gift for expectant mothers, why not give a high-quality photography session for the two of you? These sessions are a lovely opportunity for you to fully reflect on this stage of your life as a couple, and produce some beautiful photos to remember your pregnancy for years to come.

Many photographers offer gorgeous backdrops from outdoor lawns and fields to indoor studio shots. They will be prepared to help your wife feel comfortable the entire time, and you will be sure to leave the session feeling content with your new photos.

Side Profile of Woman Wearing a Pink Boutique Gown holding he pregnant belly

#4 – Soft Slippers

Sore feet due to swelling is a common complaint during pregnancy. You can help your wife to stave off the pain with these cozy slippers. Soft and fluffy, they also come with grippy bottoms to prevent any falls.

Woman wearing a beautiful pink maternity gown holding her pregnant bare bally

#5 – Comfortable Hospital Clothes 

Pregnancy clothes can be luxurious too! This set of clothing comes in at nearly $250, and includes a t-shirt dress, socks, jersey robe and full-coverage underwear so your wife can be in as much comfort as possible during the late stages of her pregnancy. They are designed to be worn to the hospital, so she will have something supportive and comforting during her stay there.

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