July 14 , 2021

Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas For The New Parents in Your Life

Budget-friendly gift ideas for the new parents in your life.

When you’re ready to start shopping for the new parents in your life, it’s always important to try and stick to a budget. That can be tricky when you have a lot of gifts to buy, but, fortunately, there are some easy ways you can save money while still finding some awesome presents. When shopping for new parents, think about what might make life easier, like a slow cooker or Instant Pot to help them make dinner a cinch. Plus, be sure to look for online deals that will help you stretch your budget. Check out this guide from Joanna Andres Photography to find some ideas for the new moms and dads on your list:

New Parents Gift Idea #1: Creature Comforts

Considering how much time parents of newborns spend caring for their new addition to the family, the smallest creature comfort is a huge benefit. From overnight feedings and constant cleaning to the trips to the pediatrician, mom especially can use a little TLC. Consider these ideas:

  • Home massage products. Not only do massages address pain and stress, for the postpartum mother they’re a godsend. According to Healthline, massages can reduce swelling, improve milk production, and may even help regulate hormones.

  • Meal kits. With a new baby at home, preparing meals suddenly becomes time-elusive if not impossible. Gift the new parents with gift cards for meal kits, available in a number of healthy combinations.

  • Netflix subscription. When sleep isn’t an option, a good movie or binge-worthy series can be had with a Netflix gift subscription.

New Parents Gift Idea #2: Around-the-House-Helpers

Finding time to tend to the home, including cleaning and maintenance, is extra hard to come by once the baby is home from the hospital. Check into the following when thinking of how to alleviate mom and dad’s compacted schedule:

  • Instant Pot. For super-quick cooking and easy cookware cleanup, the Instant Pot has made meal prep easier for people for years. You can find an Instant Pot at big retailers like Target — just be sure to grab a Target promo code before you go online shopping to save on your purchase.

  • Hire a housekeeper. To keep clutter low and sanity high, employing a professional cleaning service to give mom and dad a break.

  • Smart-home devices. Make it easier to run the home by creating a smart environment. Smart security devices, for example, are great options for keeping the home safe, which your gift recipient is sure to thank you for!

Other Great New Parents Gifts

Shopping for new parents doesn’t have to be an outrageously expensive endeavor. By scouring sites and apps for deals and sticking to your list, you can make the most of your budget while still finding some great gifts. Think of some ways that each item might help a new parent relax, save time, or find some comfort and utilize sales and online deals to get the best price!

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