May 28 , 2021

How To Pick The Best Newborn Session Accessories


Why Newborn session accessories Matter

Capturing new life is an important ritual that freezes this special moment to last for years to come. Letting your creativity flow and using props adds vibrancy to this extraordinary collection of photos that time capsule’s babies’ first days in the world in a unique way.

When thinking about props that you might want to use, you’ll need to envision a few themes that you may want to explore for newborn shoots to discuss with parents. Sanitation and comfort are critical when choosing the right props, so choosing soft and easily cleanable items is also essential. 


The more diverse settings you can create, the better, and here are a few places to find one-of-a-kind accessories for a newborn photoshoot. Here’s how to pick the best newborn session accessories.


Basket, Bowl and Nest Styling

The basket, bowl, and nest settings are popular classic newborn session accessories that highlight the natural, peaceful state of new babies. To make these look creative, photographers can choose from a wide variety of fillers, colors, and textures to create different looks.

Whether you choose fur, fluff, or a blanket, photographers should make sure that any nest, bowl, or basket stuffing used isn’t itchy. has exclusive fillers explicitly made for newborn photography that are soft, pliable, and hand-made.

Cool Clothes

Newborn couture adds flair and vibrancy to any photoshoot, and if you’re looking for originally tailored outfits, the Lilly Mily Boutique will definitely deliver. Sew Trendy also has fun looks for newborns, and the Princesa Anastasia Etsy shop has hand-knitted sets that will keep newborns cozy while being captured on camera.

Small Furniture

For the perfect small pieces of furniture that make newborn photography fun and whimsical, check out Mr.&Mrs.& This spectacular website also has other great newborn session accessories like backdrops, bowls, layers, and wraps that you’ll need to create a complete scene for you photoshoot. has a stellar collection of detailed sets that require few additional items and extra accessories because of their elaborate design.


Odds, Ends and Don't Forgets

A few tricks of the trade to keep in mind when tackling newborn photography is making sure to pay particular attention to the safety of your setup. Your entire studio should be sanitized prior to shooting, and photographers should have a few additional items such as a space heater, clean blankets, and even Puppy Pads so that newborns stay nice and cozy while being posed.

Furniture should also be weighted so that nothing tips over, and backdrops should be checked and double-checked to ensure they are secure. When using baskets and bowls, make sure that they are well padded and that no rough areas are exposed.

Don’t forget to drop by your local Michaels and Target stores for things like painted wooden words, balloons and other bells and whistles. Etsy also has a broad selection of originally hand-crafted goods that will delight parents.

One of many shops on Etsy that you should be sure to visit for your newborn session accessories is the Darling Desirae shop, which makes themed costumes for newborns.

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