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Columbus, Ohio’s Top Baby Names for 2023: Welcome Your Little Buckeye!

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Choosing a name for your little one is an exciting and personal journey. Here in Columbus, Ohio, new parents have some interesting preferences according to recent data from (, a website that analyzes Social Security Administration data and user interest.

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Top Picks for 2023 Buckeyes:

Feeling overwhelmed by the vast world of baby names? You’re not alone! Many new parents find the process both exciting and daunting. Many of my clients have mentioned using baby name apps to help navigate their choices. These apps can be a great way for you and your partner to discover names you both love, allowing you to swipe right (or left!) on potential picks.

Whether you’re drawn to timeless classics or distinctive finds, these insights can further guide you on your naming journey.

This blog post explores the top baby names for boys and girls in Columbus for 2023, to spark your inspiration as you welcome your own little Buckeye to the world!


Baby boy with blue and white had posed with hands folded under his chin

Top Boy Names for 2023:

  1. Oliver: This classic name continues to reign supreme in Columbus.
  2. Liam: Another timeless choice, Liam remains popular across the nation.
  3. Noah: Noah holds strong as a favorite for parents seeking a beautiful and meaningful name.
  4. Henry: This distinguished name makes a powerful comeback in the top 5.
  5. Elijah: With its biblical roots, Elijah offers a strong yet elegant sound.
  6. Theodore: A newcomer to the top 10, Theodore brings a touch of sophistication.
  7. James: A classic choice that never goes out of style.
  8. William: Another enduring favorite, William offers a timeless feel.
  9. Lincoln: Unique to Ohio, Lincoln offers a presidential touch.
  10. Owen: Another name specific to Ohio’s top 10, Owen provides a handsome and contemporary feel.

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Top Girl Names:

  1. Charlotte: This regal name remains the top choice for many Columbus parents.
  2. Olivia: A timeless classic, Olivia continues its reign in popularity.
  3. Amelia: Sweet and sophisticated, Amelia remains a top contender for new arrivals.
  4. Ava: Short, yet elegant, Ava offers a beautiful sound.
  5. Emma: A classic favorite, Emma offers a timeless and versatile option.
  6. Evelyn: This vintage name offers a charming yet sophisticated feel.
  7. Sophia: A timeless beauty, Sophia remains a popular choice for parents.
  8. Eleanor: Unique to Ohio’s top 10, Eleanor provides a touch of elegance.
  9. Harper: This literary name offers a trendy yet sophisticated feel.
  10. Isabella: A classic favorite, Isabella offers a timeless and beautiful sound.

Expecting a Little Buckeye Soon? We Can Help!

Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! Choosing the perfect name can feel overwhelming, but it’s also a joyous part of preparing for your baby’s arrival.

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P.S. Feeling stuck on a name? Many baby name apps can help you brainstorm and discover hidden gems. Don’t be afraid to get creative and explore all the possibilities!


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