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5 Tips on How to Keep Your Newborn Happy during Their Newborn Photo Session

Newborn Photography

So many parents first-time parents are so nervous when bringing their newborn
baby to my studio for the very first time. I’ve created some tips to help make the
session a success so the baby is content during their very first newborn photoshoot.

1. Keep the Environment Relaxing

We want to make the entire environment for baby to be completely relaxing for them. I have 3 heaters at my studio so I can make sure the studio is at around 80 degrees. Why so warm? Well, we are going to do naked shots of the baby, changing the baby in different outfits/wraps, and also moving the baby a lot. By keeping the temperature warm, the baby is not even phased when we remove their clothes and diaper as they are so comfortable and warm. Just like when they were in the womb!

2. Try not to stress!

I honestly feel that the baby can sense and feel the parent’s mood. If you’re nervous and stressed, then the baby is nervous and stressed.

That is why I try to make it feel like you’re at spa when you’re in my studio. I have a nice relaxing sitting area with a couch, large comfy chair, coffee table to set your things on, blankets. I also provide snacks, Starbucks Coffee, and water so you can enjoy this time. Let’s face it, most clients are bringing their baby to the studio when the baby is about 14 days old. The parents are very tired from some sleepless nights and just being overwhelmed with a new baby, guests, grandparents. I try to make the environment as relaxing as possible. I’ll have Moving Art on the TV which is just some beautiful images that go with some relaxing music. The lights will be turned off so some of my clients can even take a nap if they’d like. There is a blanket that is on the couch for them, too!

3. Feed the Baby before your Session

We want to make sure the baby is fed right before your session so their tummy is full. In addition, I always recommend that they are burped well, too. We don’t want them to have any gas bubbles so they are comfortable during the entire session. Most of my clients will arrive and the baby will already
be asleep from a full belly, a good burp, and the car ride to the studio. I always recommend that you put the baby in a zip-up sleeper with no onesie on so I will remove them from the car seat very gently without disturbing

4. Bring a Pacifier

I will be posing the baby in different types of poses. I try to do a nice workflow so it’s natural to go one from one pose to the next, but every baby is different. There are some baby’s that are lighter sleepers and get disturbed if moved. The pacifier is a great way to soothe them during some of the transitions so they can continue to stay comfortable throughout the session.

5. Plan ahead
Anything can happen with a newborn baby. It’s important to plan ahead with your session. Google the location that you’ll be traveling to so you have an idea of what time you should leave. Allow plenty of time to feed, change and burp the baby before the session. Have a diaper bag packed and ready with diapers, pacifiers, an extra outfit, formula, or breast milk.

I want all my clients to feel relaxed and to enjoy themselves during the session. Hopefully, this guide will help anyone who is planning a newborn session in Columbus Ohio, but hopefully, it’s with me! You can contact me