May 28 , 2021

5 Great Maternity Session Ideas to Include Your Partner

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Your maternity photos will be treasured for the rest of your life. Pregnancy is one of the most profound events you will ever experience, so it is no wonder you will want to document it forever with a maternity session.

As your baby is almost ready to join you in the world, you are ready to organize for a photographer to provide you with some everlasting memories of this time of your life.

Are you wondering how to include your partner in your maternity photos? You don’t need to turn up solo for your photoshoot. Here are 5 great maternity session ideas to include your partner.

maternity session portrait of couple holding mother's pregnant belly

1. Focus ON Your Baby Bump!

Naturally, the focus of your maternity photoshoot should be on your growing bump. Your partner can get involved by gently hugging your belly or placing their head there. This is a classic pose that always looks great in portraits for the future. It shows an unconditional love for your unborn baby, and the photo will serve as a permanent reminder.

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2. Take a gentle Walk Together

If your partner is not the type to pose for photos, consider taking a walk hand-in-hand to feel more at ease with the photoshoot. Your photographer can snap some candid pictures as you take a stroll with your partner by your side.

Make sure your bump is visible while you walk, and consider placing a hand on your belly to emphasize your love for your baby.


3. Bring A Personal Item to Your Maternity Session

Maternity sessions do not need to be predictable! If your partner wants to come along with you, why not make it fun by taking a special item that means something to you both? This could be anything, from a particular book to a piece of clothing.

Your partner can hold the item in front of your bump to create a powerful photo with multiple meanings for your family.


4. Consider a Humorous Photo

These might not be the right thing for every couple, but the idea of taking a funny photo with your partner might appeal to you. Here are a couple of ideas you could use for inspiration:

  • Your partner could hold their belly at the same time you are holding yours, creating some ‘confusion’ over which of you is expecting. This could be particularly funny if your partner is well-built!
  • You could play on the frequent woes of pregnancy by feigning sickness or exhaustion in one of your photos.

5. Use the Sun to Your Advantage

Your partner does not necessarily need to appear in your maternity session photos! If it is a sunny day, you could have your partner create a shadow over your belly with their hands. They could hold their hands to form a heart-shaped shadow that rests on your baby bump. jack

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