August 23 , 2016

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It was so great to see Joanna again! I captured all her milestone sessions from when she was 3 months old. The last time I saw her was for her 1 year milestone. She has grown so much since the last six months and is starting to say so many words. She was so well behaved and I think she loved getting her pictures taken. My husband was working from home the day of the session and didn’t realize that I had a session and that her name was Joanna, too! He thought I had lost it as I was saying “Hi Joanna, You are so pretty, Joanna, Joanna…I’m gonna get you!” Ha! Just some of the things he overhead me saying and he thought I was going crazy! 😉

I’m so excited to hear that Joanna will be having a baby sister in January! I’m sure she will be a wonderful big sister and that they will be so close, too!  Here are just some of my favorites of this beautiful blue eyed little girl!

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Thank you Smith family for allowing me to capture your adorable 18 month old daughter. I look forward to meeting your baby girl in January! Are you looking for a milestone photographer? You can contact me here!

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